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Guide to Garage Door Maintenance

Guide to Garage Door Maintenance

You want to protect whatever you keep in your garage. You also want the convenience of an easily opened and closed garage door. While you could replace your door if it begins to malfunction, garage door maintenance can help you avoid mishaps in the first place.

This garage door maintenance guide will explain why it is critical to maintaining your garage door. You’ll learn how frequently to service your garage door, as well as other helpful hints and reasons to hire a garage door maintenance company. At Everlast Garage Doors, we understand how important a working garage door is in your daily life. Continue reading for garage door maintenance tips and other preventive care that will keep your door looking and acting like new.

Best Garage Door Lubricant

Importance of Garage Door Maintenance

  1. Safeguard your garage and property: A poorly maintained garage door may not lock securely. These doors are vulnerable to tampering and provide an entry point for intruders into your garage. If you have an attached garage, they may be able to gain access to your home or business from there.
  2. Get a garage door that lasts longer: Regular maintenance will help your garage door last longer. With regular maintenance, your opener and door can last for many years. When you have a garage door system that has a longer lifespan, you will save yourself the stress of replacing it.
  3. Avoid the hassle of repairs: Things always seem to break at the worst possible time. You don’t want to be rushing out the door to work when your garage door breaks. You’ll have to manually open and close it, find a reputable repair service, and wait until they finish their work before you can use your garage again. Regular maintenance will save you the trouble of having to deal with looming repairs.
  4. Protect your garage from inclement weather by doing the following: You don’t want your door to be vulnerable to wind, snow, and rain, let alone natural disasters. Regular maintenance protects your garage door from flooding rains and damaging winds. After a storm, the last thing you want is a garage that is exposed to the elements.
  • Increase the value of your property: If you ever decide to sell your home or business, a well-maintained garage door will make it appear more valuable. Potential buyers will feel more secure if you have a high-quality, functional door that you take the time to maintain.
  • Enhance the appearance of your garage: While appearances aren’t everything, your garage door does take up a portion of your property’s facade. Proper garage door maintenance will keep your home or business looking brand new.
  • Keep yourself, your family, and your belongings safe by doing the following: The most important reason to keep your door in good working order is safety. You never know when children or pets might fall through a broken door. If you do not maintain your garage door opener, anyone and everything in it is at risk. You don’t want any damage to vehicles or other items in your garage as a result of neglecting regular maintenance.

Knowing some of the advantages of maintaining your garage door will probably make you want to check it right now. When performing garage door maintenance make sure you know what you’re looking for and how to stay safe.

While understanding how to care for your garage door is critical, you may be wondering, “How often should I service my garage door?” Check everything twice a year for yourself, unless you have to deal with damaging outside forces or notice other problems. The maintenance you should perform on your garage door and how frequently you should perform it is determined by:

  • The weather and season
  • When was the last time you had your garage door serviced?
  • How old is your garage door?
  • How often do you use your garage door?

Take a close look at everything, no matter when you maintain your garage. Check these components to ensure that the system works as a whole.

  1. Infrared and photo-eye sensors: Sensors on your garage door prevent it from closing on anything or anyone. Make sure the sensors are about six inches off the ground. The sensors should then be tested by standing clear of your garage door, closing it, and waving an object in front of it. The door should come to a halt or reverse.
  2. Spring tension: Having the proper tension in your garage door opener springs keeps your door balanced. A balanced door is safer because it will not collapse when used manually. Disengage your garage door opener to test the tension and balance. Close it halfway, then let go. There is too much tension if it reopens. If it closes, there will be insufficient. When testing this, use extreme caution and keep your distance when you let go. You don’t want the door to come crashing down on you or anyone helping you if your balance is off.
  3. Tension in the springs: Having the proper tension in your garage door opener springs keeps your door balanced. A balanced door is safer because it will not collapse when opened manually. Disconnect your garage door opener to test the tension and balance. Guide it halfway shut, then let go. If it reopens, there will be too much tension. If it closes, there won’t be enough. When testing this, use extreme caution and keep your distance when letting go. If your balance is off, you don’t want the door to come crashing down on you or anyone helping you.
  4. Tracks: Check to see if your garage door tracks are damaged in any way. When using your door, cracked, crooked, or bent tracks cause issues. If something goes wrong, your door may come off the rails or become stuck. After visually inspecting it, use a level to ensure accuracy.
  5. Rollers: As they wear, rollers wobble. When steel rollers wear out, they become especially loud, and you can replace them with nylon rollers, which last longer and make less noise. Regardless of the material, clean the rollers and their tracks during your inspection.
  6. Cables: Do not attempt to repair or replace garage door cables. They are under a lot of pressure, and if they break, it will be disastrous. Contact a professional if you notice any damaged or loose strands.
  7. The door: While the opener system must be checked, the door must also be checked. Examine wooden doors for signs of warping, water damage, and chipped paint. Steel doors rust easily and must be sanded, primed, and painted. Check for broken or cracked glass if your door has windows. You should also wash the exterior of your garage door to maintain a clean appearance.
  8. The batteries in your remote and keypad are as follows: Don’t overlook this minor, but critical, component of your garage door opener. Any battery, including your door remotes, will need to be replaced at some point. Replacing these batteries will be the simplest aspect of garage door maintenance. Keep an eye on your batteries during the winter, as they are more likely to fail in cold weather. You don’t want to be stuck outside your garage with a dead remote in the cold.
  9. The entire system: Opening and closing your garage door is the best way to determine if something is wrong. Keep a safe distance from it as it operates in case something goes wrong. Check that the door opens and closes smoothly and without jerking or stuttering. Make certain that there are no loud grinding or other sounds. Check the above components if anything appears to be wrong with your door.

One of the best garage door maintenance tips is to check your door regularly. If you never look, you’ll never know if something is wrong. Also, keep in mind that some preventive maintenance will help keep your door in good condition. Make certain to:

  1. Install lift handles: Manually opening and closing your garage door during a power outage can be hazardous. When you use lift handles, you are not putting your fingers at risk by slipping them under your garage door to lift them. Handles also provide more control when lifting, reducing the risk of dropping and damaging your door.
  2. Purchase containment cables: These safety features protect you, others, and the items you keep in your garage if a spring breaks. Containment cables keep extension springs from recoiling if they break. This keeps them from shooting around your garage and injuring or damaging anyone or anything.
  3. Examine the weather seal: Weatherstripping can be found at the bottom of your garage door. The seal keeps water and cold out of your garage and prevents damage to the bottom of your door. Examine it for signs of wear or damage, especially before and after major storms. To protect your door and belongings, remove and replace the weather seal if you notice any damage. Install weatherstripping if your door does not already have it.
  4. Lubricate the metal in your garage opener: The sound of grinding metal when you use your garage door is an indication that it needs to be serviced. Lubricate opener screws or chains once a year, or more frequently if you hear metal grinding. Other springs should be cleaned and lubricated twice a year to keep them in good working order.
  5. Tighten hardware: Any nuts, bolts, or brackets that have come loose should be tightened. Tighten the hardware to keep garage door openers secure and quiet. A simple hardware check will keep the entire system running smoothly.
  6. Tighten hardware: Any nuts, bolts, or brackets can become dislodged. Tighten the hardware to keep garage door openers secure and quiet. A simple hardware check will keep the entire system running smoothly.

If you notice any issues with your garage, keep others away from it. Keep children and pets out of the garage and notify others of any problems. Avoid using it until a professional garage door maintenance company arrives to repair it.

The Advantages of Using a Professional for Garage Door Repair

Garage doors require maintenance, and while there are some steps you can take on your own, there are times when you need to call in a professional. Engage the services of a garage door maintenance company to service your door once a year. If you notice any discrepancies between services, contact a professional immediately. Hiring a company will assist you with the following tasks.

  1. Save time: Hiring a garage door maintenance company eliminates the need for you to fuss with your garage. Bring in someone who knows what they’re doing to save you time.
  2. Save money: While hiring a professional will not be free, it will most likely be less expensive than attempting to maintain your garage door on your own. You may cause damage to your equipment and be forced to pay for more extensive repairs or replacements. Hire a professional to get the job done right the first time. A professional garage door tune-up will also save you money on costly emergency repairs or replacements in the future.
  3. Stay safe: A garage door maintenance company employs professionals who prioritize safety. They have the necessary tools and knowledge to complete the task. Even if you have previous experience with mechanical or other repairs, you may be unfamiliar with garage door systems. You may also lack the necessary tools to maintain your door.
  4. Obtain a warranty: Many professionals will provide you with a warranty on your garage door repair and maintenance. If something goes wrong while the warranty is still in effect, the company may make repairs or replacements at little or no cost.

Choosing a garage door service provider does not have to be difficult. You should have faith that the garage door service you receive will be professional, dependable, and efficient. Work with Everlast Garage Doors for dependable garage door maintenance in Bellevue and surrounding areas.

Garage Door Maintenance Plans at Everlast Garage Doors 

Everlast Garage Doors takes pride in providing garage door maintenance to residents of Bellevue and the surrounding areas. We can diagnose garage door problems using our tools, knowledge, and expertise. Even if your garage door appears to be in good working order, professional inspection and maintenance are required. With our garage door service, Everlast Garage Doors will perform routine maintenance. Our highly trained technicians will:

  • Tighten all nuts, bolts, brackets, and other parts.
  • Lubricate or grease your opener’s moving parts.
  • Replace or repair your door panels.
  • Examine the garage door opener system.
  • Change the settings on the door opener

Some of the above can be accomplished during a do-it-yourself examination. However, Everlast Garage Doors’ professional and skilled garage door service provide a thorough review and care of your system. Our garage door service includes a look at more technical components that untrained individuals may find dangerous to inspect. In addition to the above maintenance, our technicians will perform a thorough inspection of:

  • Spring anchor attachment
  • Cables
  • Drums
  • Shafts
  • Bottom fixture
  • Bearing plate

After thoroughly inspecting your garage door, our technicians will make recommendations for repairs and replacements. Everlast Garage Doors will collaborate with you to provide safe and high-quality solutions within your budget for any damage discovered. With our service, your garage door will last much longer and keep you, your family, and your belongings safe. Let our team of experts assist you whether you need a garage door tune-up or more extensive repairs. We provide dependable garage door maintenance in Bellevue and the surrounding communities to ensure that your garage door operates safely and properly for many years to come.

Everlast Garage Doors offers prompt and friendly garage door service to meet all of your requirements. Don’t put off maintenance until you need costly repairs or replacement — get it done now with the help of our professional technicians. To schedule service or request an estimate with Everlast Garage Doors, call 206 468 5415.

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